Rail Engineering Operative Apprenticeship

Level 2

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Supporting Rail Engineers and Technicians

A Rail Engineer is responsible for the safe construction, installation, maintenance and renewal of Traction & Rolling Stock to provide a safe and reliable Railway for customers. A high level of safety critical work is involved in Rail Engineering; activities require a disciplined and responsible approach.

During and after training, a Rail Engineering Operative will be involved in traction & rolling stock on The Railway. A Rail Engineering Operative Apprentice will master the core skills and knowledge listed further below and in our brochure.

Qualitrain Engineering Academy delivers one Specialist specific option:

Traction & Rolling Stock (T&RS)

Core Knowledge
Apprentices will learn the following core knowledge:
Core Skills
Apprentices will learn the following core skills:
Specific Knowledge & Skills
Traction & Rolling Stock

Understanding of vehicle design, construction, maintenance and operation. Working knowledge of the traction and rolling stock systems, sub systems and components which include mechanical, electrical, process controller and fluid power equipment. Systems include traction, wheel sets, brakes, train protection, air conditioning and ventilation, customer information, doors, vehicle trim and fittings Able to find, diagnose and correct faults, identify potential faults & defects within electrical circuits and maintain and renew a range of types of traction and rolling stock. Able to use a range of fastenings including crimping and torque correctly.

Entry Requirements

There are no official entry requirements for this qualification, however individual employers are able to set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships.

Level 2 Engineering Operative
Additional Information

Route: Engineering and manufacturing

Minimum duration to gateway: 12 months (this does not include EPA period)

Maximum funding: £12000