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Apprenticeships: Everything you need to know


To become an apprentice you must be over 16 years old. Entry requirements do vary from course to course, with some apprenticeships requiring up to five GCSEs at grade 9 to 4/A* to C — including English and maths and others with no entry requirements.
You will need to show that you are willing and able to complete the apprenticeship. You will get the opportunity to demonstrate this in the interview process.
Lengths of apprenticeships vary but they usually take between 1-3 years to complete.

Why an Apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship you choose will train you for a specific job role and often offers different progression opportunities further in your career. You’ll be earning a wage while learning new skills and gaining job experience at the same time.

Earn while you learn

As an apprentice, your employer is required to pay you the national minimum wage along with paid holiday, and bank holidays. This means you are able to earn a living while completing your qualifications.

Generally your employer will release you one day a week to visit the site and complete your training. This way, you can learn the required skills from your Tutor as well as gaining on-the-job experience with your employer. In special circumstances you may be required to attend the setting more than once in a week.

The Qualifications

Throughout the Apprenticeship you will learn Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours from a framework that will enable you to perform the job role effectively.

Upon completion, you’ll be awarded with a Nationally recognised qualification at the level you have been studying.

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