General Welder Apprenticeship

Level 2

Fundamental Welding Skills

Solidify the skills of the team

General Welders work with metals to create high-strength welds in 2 welding positions, using at least 1 arc welding process.

Their training allows General Welders to become fully competent in manual welding using at least one arc process. General Welders are required in a number of sectors including the steelwork construction sector.

The General Welder Level 2 Apprenticeship is delivered by our team of Industry experts, working to the ISO9606 standard. The course is suitable for learners with little/ no prior welding experience, or for a new team requiring development into coded welders. Upon completion, learners have the opportunity to progress to the Level 3 Metal Fabricator Apprenticeship.

Core Knowledge
Apprentices will learn the following core knowledge:
Core Skills
Apprentices will learn the following core skills:
Entry Requirements

There are no official entry requirements for this qualification, however individual employers are able to set the selection criteria for their Apprenticeships.

Level 2 Engineering Operative
Additional Information

Route: Engineering and manufacturing

Minimum duration to gateway: 18 months (this does not include EPA period)

Maximum funding: £9000