Qualitrain Engineering Academy delivers Business Improvement training within Engineering Apprenticeships

Apprentices presented with Certificates following Business Improvement Training

Qualitrain Engineering Academy have begun to implement Lean and Continuous Improvement techniques into our Engineering Apprenticeships. By incorporating the expertise within the Qualitrain Group, we are able to teach Continuous Improvement tools and methodologies tailored around the Engineering Qualifications we deliver.

The move comes as we continue to build upon the offering we provide the employers and apprentices we work with. These sought-after, modern manufacturing practices are introduced professionally across our apprenticeships, providing our customers with an important competitive edge. Additionally, a recent survey of our learners identified that Business Improvement Techniques can help make Engineers jobs easier1 when wastes are eliminated.

Business Improvement Certificates
Richard Bates, CEO, proudly presents the students Lewis Morgan, Sam Froehling, Tom Hardwick and Corey Lewis certificates of achievement in Workplace Organisation and 8-Wastes.

Most recently, one group of Apprentices have been learning the Six Sigma methodology of 5S: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise and Sustain. This tool has taught the Apprentices the importance of workplace organisation. In addition, the Apprentices have recently been introduced to Tim Woods. Tim Woods is an acronym for the 8 wastes: Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Overprocessing, Overproduction, Defects and Skills underutilised.

Qualitrain Group CEO, Richard Bates, has been delivering this additional until himself at the Academy in Alfreton. Richard is passionate about Business Improvements and has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering these improvements within the Manufacturing and Engineering Industry.

For more information about how Continuous Improvement is being implemented into our apprenticeships, or to find out about bespoke training, please contact us.